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Our Story

The Origins of Ear Cleaning

There is a long history to the art of ear cleaning. Archaeologists have found ear cleaning spoons made of gold and jade in ancient tombs of the Shang Dynasty, presumably used by the wealthy in ancient times, while commoners used ear cleaning spoons made of different materials such as bamboo and ivory.

It is said that back then, ear cleaning was a leisure activity that only rich people could afford to experience, but as the years went by, ear cleaning evolved into a common activity that everyone could enjoy. People in the olden days usually had their barber clean their ears after shaving their heads.

Eventually, ear cleaning grew into its own industry, characterised by various special tools that ear cleaning masters not only used to clean the ear canal, but also to promote comfort and relaxation throughout the process.

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Why Is Ear Cleaning Necessary?

Our Mission

iEar Cleaning’s mission is to spread the unique craftsmanship of traditional ear cleaning to Malaysia for locals to experience this favourite pastime of many influencers without flying to China.

Our Purpose

Protecting our customers' ears is our greatest responsibility. Our ear care therapists have undergone strict professional training to ensure precise hand-eye coordination and dexterity, in order to give you the most comfortable and efficient service in a 100% safe environment.

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